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Sunday, February 17, 2002


Best Wishes. Please join me in a happy birthday wish to Linda. She freely gives of herself to promote IT professionalism through entries here, her role in the family of web pages we maintain, and her insightful and well-written Amazon book reviews. As a colleague I greatly appreciate her collaboration on the countless projects, papers and deliverables on which we work--past, present and future. She is my cherished friend as well as colleague, and one of the hardest working people in IT.

Best Efforts. Linda and I developed the Tarrani-Zarate Model for Information Technology Management during the middle of 2000, and have refined this model in sporadic bursts of ambition over a period of time. What we want to do is to rekindle the work and the best way to do that is to base a series of entries here on each layer in the model.

Someone (and I wish I knew to whom to attribute this) said, no model is perfect, but some are more useful than others. That sums up our model. We know there are flaws, but we also know that it has the potential to serve a useful purpose if we flesh it out and document it better. Describing it will force us to look at it with a more critical eye. From there it may evolve into something more useful.

We welcome your participation as the model's details unfold, and the best way is to join our IT Operations Management discussion on Delphi. You'll need to register with Delphi to participate, but registration is free.

Killing Two Birds. No, we're not going to abuse our feathered friends. What we are going to do is tie the Tarrani-Zarate Model entries here to books in Mike Sisco's IT Manager Development Series. (See my 5 February entry here for more details.)

Ending Notes. Before signing off to enjoy the rest of the day I want to share two online publications that support our goals of promoting IT professionalism: Quality Digest and iSeries Microsite for Software Management. Enjoy your weekend.