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Thursday, February 21, 2002


Goals. One of the basic tasks in which we all engage is goal setting. This is a fundamental part of project management, strategic planning, and even personal career management. One excellent resource that I recently discovered is Peter de Jager's newsletter (he also has a page of miscellaneous articles on goal setting.)

Service Level Management. has new articles on service level management that are clearly articulated and are on the mark with respect to excellence in service delivery. The two newest articles are:

  1. Speeding up Service Level Agreement Negotiations
  2. Reporting for SLM is the web site that supports Foundations of Service Level Management by Rick Sturm, Wayne Morris and Mary Jander. The site keeps the book up-to-date, and is one of the places I look for SLM and SLA reference material. Linda reviewed the book on Amazon on 27 December 2000 (it was her first Amazon review) and I reviewed it on 19 June 2001.

Security. One of the recurring topics is security, and if you've read any of my entries you'll frequently come across the term Common Criteria, which is shorthand for Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation ISO/IEC 15408. You can visit the official Common Criteria site, but if you're new to the Common Criteria, I recommend that you first visit the tutorial track page from the First International Common Criteria Conference. You can download all of the tutorials in a single ZIP archive. Each tutorial is in PowerPoint format.

End Note. Kate Hartshorn and I will be collaborating on a business intelligence web site in the near future. Stay tuned.