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Tuesday, February 05, 2002


In my 12:09 PM 4 February entry I mentioned the IT Manager Development Series, but said that I had not read any of the books that comprised that collection. The author, Mike Sisco, sent me two of the books in PDF format to show how he approached two key topics in the series. The topics I received are: Acquisition-IT Due Diligence and IT Management 101. I haven't spent the time to write in-depth reviews, but have read both of them and have the following preliminary comments:
  • Both of the books are well written and reflect Mr. Sisco's extensive experience and ability to capture the essence of that experience.
  • The books have a common formula: they are broken down into topics that flow from top-level to details, and contain frequent personal notes in which Mr. Sisco relates his own personal experience in a particular topic to reinforce the approach that he lays out in the book. He also uses sidebars to share examples and observations.
  • There is no fluff. Acquisition - IT Due Diligence, at 88 pages, is filled with checklists, forms and to-the-point advice. IT Management 101 is 104 pages of questionnaires, how to interpret answers elicited by the questions, advice and techniques, forms and wisdom.
Needless to say, from what I've seen and read the IT Manager Development Series is a much-needed addition to the IT operations management body of knowledge.

I want to share a process design and improvement tool that I've used since 1996: TurboBPR. This Windows application is one of the most complete and useful tools one can have in their arsenal. See TurboBPR workflow for a graphical overview of what the tool does and how it does it.

One additional tool that I want to share because it ties together Mr. Sisco's Acquisition - IT Due Diligence book and TurboBPR is the FAA's Lifecycle Processes/Mission Analysis Process Flowchart. Click on areas on the graphic to drill down into details.