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Sunday, February 24, 2002


In my last entry I discussed a number of critical success factors, and also introduced earned value project management (EVPM). Earned value is typically thought of as an element of project control, and to a large extent it is. However, it is also an integral part of the planning and estimating process because it's used to develop cost and schedule baselines.

In my opinion it's impossible to effectively manage a project without EVPM. The best book on the topic is Earned Value Project Management by Quentin W. Fleming, Joel M. Koppelman. See my 18 March 2001 Amazon review for why I think this book is the best.

There are also five articles that every project manager should read:

  1. Earned Value Project Management: An Introduction
  2. Earned Value Project Management: A Powerful Tool for Software Projects
  3. Gaining Confidence in Using Return On Investment and Earned Value
  4. Applying Management Reserve to Projects
  5. Impact Estimation Tables: Understanding Complex Technology Quantitatively
If you start with the first article and work your way through the list you'll go from an introduction to advanced techniques.

If you are at an advanced level in project management, I recommend that you read an article by Dr. Barry Boehm et al. on schedule as an independent variable (SAIV), cost as an independent variable (CAIV), and schedule-cost-quality as independent variables (SCQAIV).