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Friday, February 01, 2002


In my last entry I touched upon strategic planning. If you're currently engaged in forecasting and planning for the 2002 planning horizon you'll be interested in what the GartnerGroup has predicted. First, the Top 10 Predictions that were culled from nearly 200 predictions from across Gartner is something you shouldn't ignore. More focused predictions include what's ahead for:Also of interest is New Focus on Knowledge and Collaboration Begins in 2002.

I found three articles on service level management and quality that are worth reading:

  1. Improving IS Service Quality. Academic and filled with stilted language, but does contain valuable ideas.
  2. Dimensions of Information Systems Success sets forth a two-dimensional matrix for classifying IS effectiveness measures. The first dimension is the type of system studied. The second dimension is the stakeholder in whose interests the system is being evaluated.
  3. A Structured Approach To Service Level Management is well written and interesting.
More material on service level management can be found on the presentations page of the 2nd Annual itSMF Canada Conference. The itSMF is the Information Technology Service Management Forum, and is an organization that Linda and I closely monitor.

The Four Variables: Scope, Quality, Resources, Time is a short essay that serves as a reminder of what's important when planning a project.

I also discovered two online British publications that IT managers should bookmark: IT Analysis, and its sister publication, IT Director.