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Monday, March 25, 2002


Connections. One of the joys is to be able to augment or complement Mike's or Linda's entries. Both have left me an opportunity to connect material from my technical specialties to entries that reflect their specialities. Today is a day of joy.

The whitepaper titled Value-Based Requirements for eCommerce Applications connects Mike's recent entries on both business requirements and service level objectives to competitive intelligence. This document supports Mike's assertions in his recent entries, and it is a blueprint for reverse engineering competitor requirements for CI specialists.

Managing Innovation Risks is clearly a document of interest to the competitive intelligence specialist, and if you stretch your imagination, it also lightly brushes against Linda's recent discussion of business continuity planning (yes - it is a stretch). A more direct correlation between Mike's business requirements and business imperatives discussions and competitive intelligence is found in A Scorecard to Assess Enterprise Innovation Capabilities.