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Friday, March 22, 2002


Miscellaneous Musings. Group Decision Support Systems, Inc. has an excellent working paper collection covering topics ranging from knowledge management to organizational improvement.

One of the best papers to illustrate competitive intelligence concepts is the 62 page publication titled U.S. and Worldwide Consulting Services Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001–2005. What makes this paper valuable is the collection and analysis techniques are clearly apparent. While the document itself does not fall into the category of competitive intelligence, it was developed using the same techniques. Since most of us are in the consulting business, the contents are as interesting as the methods with which they were developed.

Strategic Application of e-Intelligence discusses the use of data as a strategic tool. This paper fits nicely into Mike's earlier discussion about business imperatives and how they relate to the Tarrani-Zarate Model.

How Can IT Support the Learning Organization intersects with my discussion of knowledge management and business intelligence, and the direction that Mike is taking with the Tarrani-Zarate Model discussion.

I posted material about cognitive science, complexity and perception in my last Notes from the Field entry. As a follow-up here I am sharing a PowerPoint presentation on requirements engineering that lightly touches on the more subtle challenges of eliciting and documenting requirements.