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Saturday, March 30, 2002


New Thread? Not! The material on software development RFPs and contracts was in response to a friend's questions. The topic has taken on a life of its own. On the plus side we've all pitched in and provided information to someone who needed it, and that's what TEAM Zarate-Tarrani is all about, and why we started these weblogs in the first place. An added bonus is this material complements layers in the Tarrani-Zarate model, which I've been writing about. On the minus side, however, is I'm behind on the series about the Tarrani-Zarate Model. I'll err on the side of sharing information every time, so I'm going to wrap up the software development and contract topic and leave it to Kate and Linda to fill in any gaps.

Putting a Fine Point on it All. The final documents and resources I'm going to share are:

I'm ending this entry with one final document that is an example of a decision support tool for in-house vs. outsourcing development. It employs standard risk adjustment factors based on PERT (program evaluation and review technique), and uses one standard deviation to the normalized result to increase the safety factor to 84% probability (versus the 50% probability that the PERT formula yields). This is an example from a real life document.