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Tuesday, March 12, 2002


News. My web page is completed and available for viewing. There is still much content to add, but none of the pages are under construction. They are in a state of evolution, and more content will be added in the coming week.

Interests and Documents. Although my background and technical specialties encompass research, competitive intelligence and knowledge management, I also have a professional interest in information warfare. There is a grey line between competitive intelligence and information warfare, and a direct relationship between competitive intelligence and security. In you were to create a Venn diagram using competitive intelligence, knowledge management, information warfare and security domains you would see the relationships among each of these areas.

I have three collections of documents that introduce information warfare, provide related issues and cover basic security, all of which show the connections that you would spot if you drew the Venn diagram:

  1. Overview of Information Warfare (what is it, who does it and why).
  2. Info War Issues (insights into political and legal issues).
  3. Security Issues (various topics, including assessment appraisals, privacy, typical threats and security in a connected world).
  4. My Role. If you've been reading this weblog or its sister, Notes from the Field, you've probably noticed that I'm taking a more active role in developing and publishing content. Mike and I are in the process of developing a new web site that focuses on business and competitive intelligence, which will tie together my entries in the weblogs and broader material about those topics. Until then, you can read up on security and information warfare by going to the Information Technology Security Page that Mike and Linda maintain (this page has a sub page devoted to information warfare), and Robert D. Steele's collection of security and information warfare whitepapers. In addition, you will find well-written and topical entries in Lisa Rein's weblog. Enjoy.