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Monday, March 11, 2002


Plan of the Week. I just finished posting my first entry in a series about processes in Notes from the Field. In the next day or so I'll be starting a series about the Tarrani-Zarate Information Technology Management Model, starting with the foundation layer of business imperatives and requirements. That layer and the entries on processes in Notes from the Field complement each other, so if you're interested in one topic, you'll probably be interested in the other.

Because Mike Sisco's IT Manager Development Series covers many elements of our model I will be reviewing each of his books as I write about the model. The IT Manager Development Series is a 10-book collection of professional guidance that addresses every facet of IT management.

Full Plates. Linda is starting her Oracle Certified Professional training tomorrow, so I don't expect her to be actively writing here of in Notes from the Field until she settles into the training regimen. My workload has also increased. I've encouraged Kate to take a more active role, and hope she continues to grace these weblogs with her clear writing and extensive knowledge.

Resource. Until I start posting the entry about business imperatives you may want to explore the documents and links that we have on our Business Strategy and Planning page.