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Thursday, March 14, 2002


TEAM Zarate-Tarrani. You read what we write, but probably don't know much about our backgrounds and professional capabilities. I've just placed TEAM Zarate-Tarrani Capabilities page online that fills in the gaps.

Software Process Improvement. I've added process-related documents and presentations to my latest entry in Notes from the Field, and want to focus on software process improvement in my entry here. To that end I have a collection of documents and presentations that succinctly cover the key issues, as well as tie software engineering processes to the topic (general process design and implementation) that I am addressing in Notes from the Field.

Implementing Software Process Improvement discusses the issues and challenges of an initiative that many organizations have started only to later abandon because it isn't easy. Critical Success Factors for Software Improvement is a document that points out what must be done in order to successfully implement software process improvement, and Software Quality Organization brief gives a brief summary of the organizational considerations that need to be taken into account.

Related. When you're addressing software process improvement you'll have a model or framework in mind. If you're considering the CMMI as the framework, then the presentation titled Unintended Consequences of the CMMI is a document you're certainly want to read. If you're either an ISO 9000 organization considering the CMM, or are weighing the options of whether to go with ISO 9000 or the CMM, you'll find the 75 page CMM-ISO 9000 cross-reference invaluable.