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Wednesday, April 17, 2002


Frequently Asked Questions. We often receive e-mail that asks the same questions. I'm going to answer the most common questions in this entry:
Q Why isn't the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) discussed here?
A The MSF is essentially a project management framework. It is a proprietary standard that is defined and owned by a single company. We support two internationally recognized standards:
  1. Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The 2000 version of the PMBOK is an American National Standard ANSI/PMI 99-001-2000. More information about the PMBOK can be obtained from the Project Management Institute's Project Management Standards page
  2. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN a Controlled Environment, version 2), which is a United Kingdom standard that is managed by the UK Office of Government Commerce. See Official PRINCE2 website and the PRINCE User Group for details.
We believe that two internationally recognized project management standards are sufficient.

Q Why don't you discuss the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)?
A For the same reason that we don't support the Microsoft Solutions Framework: there is an international body called the IT Service Management Forum that is vendor-independent. The ITSMF uses the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as the basis for their best practices. The ITIL, like PRINCE2, is under the cognizance of the UK's Office of Government Commerce, with portions of the ITIL provided by the British Standards Institution (BSi).

Since the ITSMF best practices have been adopted internationally we see no reason to employ or support a proprietary approach such as the MOF.

Q Is TEAM Zarate-Tarrani a corporation?
A No. We are independent consultants who share the same values and work ethics.