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Thursday, April 18, 2002


ITIL, ITSMF and Service Level Management. Linda's 14 April entry was on the mark. With established international standards we do not need another methodology, and we definitely don't need proprietary methodologies. She and I have over 50 years of IT operations, service delivery and production support experience between us. We've seen the methodology of the month, silver bullets and all of the other panaceas, and none are a total solution. Are the ITSMF's best practices perfect? No, but they do reflect the experience of IT professionals the world over.

One of the problems with the ITSMF's core documents, the IT Infrastructure Library, is the books are expensive. This is, in my opinion, a barrier to adoption. I am going to chip away at that barrier by sharing ITSMF files that I've collected with the goal of creating awareness. I'm going to start with a PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of the ITIL: Why ITIL? Since the ITSMF uses the ITIL this presentation is important. The following files, which address various ITIL and ITSMF domains, will show the inner workings: