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Wednesday, April 03, 2002


A Little Help for my Friends. Linda has graciously accepted the task of continuing the description of the Tarrani-Zarate Model for core processes and organization. She has been busy working on her Oracle Certified Professional training, among other things, and will get to it when her increasingly busy schedule permits.

While she's structuring her description I'm going to contribute more background material. Please note that when she and I first developed the model it was a rough cut, and the model has evolved. We're now forced to think it through, and that takes time, thought and energy.

Background material that pertains are:

  • Assessing the Organizational Impact of IT Infrastructure Capabilities. This 53-page PDF document is the findings from a survey of 236 firms regarding the he organizational impact of IT. The conclusion is that IT infrastructure capabilities have little business value. The paper goes on the claim that investments in IT infrastructure will be seriously undervalued if they are assessed only in terms of its direct link to organizational performance. IT infrastructure is of strategic importance to an organization because it either enables or inhibits IT applications and business processes.
  • Organization without Accountability = Sure Failure. This single-page PDF document is an exercise for provoking thinking - I think it succeeds.
  • The Role of Trust in Managing the Information Systems Enterprise. The author of this seven page paper goes to the core of organizational effectiveness. The paper is a cogent discussion of the keystone: trust and credibility.