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Tuesday, April 30, 2002


More on Process. I place process above all else. Tools without processes frequently turn into shelfware and are a monument to poor management practices, abysmal leadership and the major disconnect between IT and business imperatives. Once processes are in place they cannot remain static, or they will soon become monuments themselves - monuments to lethargy, not invented here syndrome and source material for Dilbert cartoons.

There are books, articles and philosophies devoted to process improvement. Pick one. However, if you are sincerely searching for a workable approach The Purpose Driven Process Improvement Guidebook may have what you're seeking. I was impressed with the approach and found the PowerPoint presentation on purpose-driven process improvement to be a quick-start introduction. Another excellent view of process improvement is the 5-step approach by the same authors who created the Purpose Driven Process Improvement Guidebook. Highly recommended.