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Wednesday, April 24, 2002


More on Project Management. In my last entry I shared documents that will pave the way to sound software project risk management techniques. In this entry I have documents to share that will further strengthen the foundation of software project management. The context for software projects can be captured in software development rules of thumb and software project success factors. These two documents can effectively serve as primary guidelines for all software projects, and if followed will increase your awareness of what does and does not work. Another document that every project manager should read is Prevent Software Project Surprises. This document ties back to my previous entry about project risk management. Forewarned is forearmed.

A good article on the basics of estimating is Unreasonable project estimates: Find the cause, effect a cure by Kurt Linberg (he has authored other project management articles that are well written and hit the mark).

Project management consists of planning (includes estimating), scheduling and control. Success is measured, and for scheduling the document on team-driven scheduling metrics provides sound advice on what needs to be measured. Additional resources on risk, scheduling and control can be found on our old project management newsletter site. This page is no longer updated, but contains a wealth of valuable information.