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Saturday, April 06, 2002


Notes & Miscellany. Kate's announcement regarding our documentation products we'll soon be offering represents a major step forward for TEAM Zarate-Tarrani. Offering these products has been an oft discussed goal and a source of procrastination. Kate stepped forward and the project is taking on a life of its own. Our timing may not be optimum because we are scheduled to be in Kuwait for a project, and there is a second project in the pipeline.

Web Project Support Material. I came across three interesting documents that I want to share:

  1. Integrating User-Perceived Quality into Web Server Design.
  2. Analyzing Factors That Influence End-to-End Web Performance.
  3. Web Modeling Language (WebML): A modeling language for designing Web sites.
I haven't fully absorbed these documents, although I did a quick read. If you're involved in any type of web or portal project you may find them interesting, valuable or both.