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Wednesday, April 17, 2002


Preparations. One of the projects in which I'll be engaging is to develop reference data for issue management. I'm currently reading Managing Reference Data in Enterprise Databases to get ideas about how to build a taxonomy, populate it and manage the data. Although the project is in support of service level management, the role I have is squarely in the knowledge management domain.

Knowledge Sharing. Since I'll be working with peers who may not be fully conversant with knowledge management I'm gathering artifacts that will explain the basics. One such artifact is a PowerPoint presentation titled KM Tour. It's a brief overview and should help me to fit my role into the project objectives. Another artifact is a PDF document titled Assessing Knowledge Assets. This document goes beyond the scope of my role, but it does place knowledge management into a practical context.

Nice to Know. If you have an interest in knowledge management or leveraging human capital (two different, but related topics), the following documents will be of interest: