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Friday, April 12, 2002


Tarrani-Zarate Model: Organization and Core Processes, Part 2. I'm providing an annotated list of documents to give deeper background information about organizational issues. These documents address general IT service delivery processes, which will be delved into as this series unfolds.

Rewind. Before proceeding I want to recap the purpose of the model, which places organization and core processes into context. The Tarrani-Zarate Model was developed to:

  1. Provide a value chain that is based on business imperatives. As such, it:
    • aligns IT to business
    • focuses on reliability, availability and support of systems, applications and services provided in support of business imperatives
    • is structured to integrate applications and service delivery
  2. Is an end-to-end set of processes that connect business imperatives to support.
  3. Acknowledges that IT is a service and support activity.
This entry will focus on the organizational aspects, and the documents that I am providing are:I'll continue this series with more about organization and core processes in my next entry.