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Wednesday, May 01, 2002


It seems that I make an entry and it turns into a series. The MS Word document titled A Business Goal-Based Approach to Achieving Systems and Software Engineering Capability Maturity neatly connects the dots between business processes and software engineering.

Related to process and the earlier series on project management, Measurement Based Guidance for Software Projects adds metrics and process to project management. Measuring Process Improvement is a more general document that is applicable to both IT and business. However, in order to improve processes you must first understand the process being analyzed as a candidate for improvement. One characteristic that most processes share, and one of the more common improvement drivers, is cycle time - how long it takes to complete the process. Time is, indeed, money. The Cycle Time Improvement Guidebook is about engineering process improvement. While it is not strictly a business- or IT-specific guidebook it contains all of the essential information and a strategy for identifying improvement opportunities and how to exploit them.