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Friday, May 17, 2002


Service and Strategy. I have once again fallen into that vortex of competing priorities swirling around and a negative time warp where I seem to be moving backwards in time with respect to the things I need to accomplish. The good news is this is going to be a terse entry that provides presentations and documents, but little commentary.

Service. The three presentations on service level management vary in depth and quality, but each is worth downloading and reading:

  1. Service Level Management.
  2. Making SLAs Work.
  3. Customer Service Management Architecture for the Internet.
Since my last entry opened the door to business-to-IT alignment, the following three presentations fit that topic area:
  1. Shangrila of ROI.
  2. Performance Measures for IT.
  3. Linkage of Performance to Business.
Good things do come in three's. Enjoy your weekend.